Car Wash Bays

Self-Service Car Wash

​Our wash bays are equipped with up to 6 self-service bays offering a variety of services, including tire and engine cleaner, pre-soak, high-pressure wash, foam brush, high-pressure rinse, wax, and spot-free rinse. Both Point Car Wash and Wall Car Wash are equipped with oversized wash bays to accommodate large trucks and boats.
Wall Car Wash Bay

Touchless Automatic Car Wash

Our Touchless Automatic Wash is the first of its kind in the industry.  Using high pressure to blast the dirt from your car, there is no need to worry about brushes or rags scratching your paint!  High quality soaps and waxes get your car squeaky clean, while the spot-free rinse and blow dryer leave a streak-free finish.

Our Wash Bays Are Big Enough For You Van, Truck, Or Boat!